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Amy Prindle

Executive Editor


Equipped with significant experience in magazine editing and publishing, Amy Prindle's passion as a linguistic perfectionist drew her into full-time editing. She started Flawless Documents to change the world, one paragraph at a time.


Amy is an ACES member and Poynter News University-certified copy editor. She gravitates toward editing projects in the nonfiction genre (particularly autobiography, inspirational, and self-help) and since 2010, she has helped more than 20 authors prep their books for the store shelves. She has also compiled and proofed various business reports, case studies, educational materials, and websites, drawing an almost scary amount of thrill from each sentence restructured, each fact checked, each power-packed point emphasized. She is currently involved in a love-hate relationship with the Oxford Comma. 


Additionally, Amy enjoys tackling an array of writing projects, aspiring to adeptly apply the perfect balance of creativity and professionalism. Producing dozens of corporate communication pieces per month and creating optimized web content for nonprofit organizations, Amy can't imagine daily life without the transitioning of ideas onto the page.


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Christopher Smith, MFA

Writer/Editor/Literary Services Director


A full-time writer and English instructor with multiple degrees under his belt, Christopher Smith can't help but write every day (check out his blog: cantfightthewrite). Having edited an online lit journal and currently serving as an intern for Andrea Hurst & Associates, Chris knows the frustrations and difficulties associated with the search for a publisher, or representation for your manuscript. Even more, he knows just how limited your time can be—and everything from a copyedit to simply researching agents takes even more time away from your work. He's seen wonderful ideas rejected due to lackluster writing, and he's also seen mind-blowing writing get rejected because of structural or plot issues. Bottom line, he doesn't want that to happen to you. He'll help you attain your writing goals and empower you to submit the best material possible, all while turning you into a better and more confident writer.

We're here to make you look good.


Amy Prindle, executive editor

Chris Smith, MFA, Literary Services Director


Based in the Los Angeles area.

Serving clients across the Nation.

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