We offer a variety of services specific to the literary world, as we know that each writer is at a different stage, has different strengths, and might be struggling with only one aspect. In light of that variety, we’ve created different packages and services to best serve you.



We know how difficult it is to break into the writing world and--more importantly--how much of that “breaking in” hangs on a well-written query letter. So let us help you write a query that’s concise, cuts straight to the heart of the story, and will make agents fall in love with your work.

It’s true that this is a very subjective business, and there are exceptions to every rule, but the basic framework and rules to query writing are very much the same between genres and agents--and we know them inside and out. We’ll then take the information you give us to help create a letter that’s true to your vision, one that captures your writing style, the tone of your novel, and puts your best foot forward.

Struggling over making your characters pop in a few sentences? Fighting with your plot to keep it simple? Let us help! We’ll work with you at every stage of the query letter, from the initial draft to simply copy-editing your final draft.


  • $35.00 for a query critique, with copy-editing

  • $75.00 for a query, from the ground up, with copy-editing and two revisions

  • $125.00 for a query, from the ground up, with copy-editing, two revisions, and a list of 30 agents, their contact info, and submission requirements. (This list is tailor made for your individual novel.)

  • If you simply want copy-editing for your query, it’s our flat rate of $32.00 an hour, with a $10.00 minimum charge on queries.


Is your novel finished and polished? Are you ready to bombard the literary agencies with your awesomeness? Before you do, you’ll most likely need to write a synopsis or two. Usually, agents will want either a long form--around three pages--or a short, one-page synopsis to accompany your submission. And especially when you’re so close to your work, it can be hard to boil down your entire novel into that small space and create something that develops your characters, shows the natural arc of the story, and is written in an engaging voice that echoes your novel.

The point of a synopsis is to show an agent or editor that your story works, without any major plotholes or breaks in the story’s logic. We can help so that when an agent reads your synopsis, they’ll know what to expect from your novel and--even better--they’ll know that your story can stand on its own two feet.


  • $50.00 for a one-page synopsis critique, with copy-editing

  • $75.00 for a three-page synopsis critique, with copy-editing

  • $100.00 for both, with copy-editing

  • For copy-editing only, we charge our flat rate of $32.00 an hour, with a $20.00 minimum charge on synopsis.

*If you also need help with extensive cutting and trimming, an extra fee will be added, from $25.00 - $50.00. For example, you have two and a half pages that needs to become one, or five pages that needs to be three, etc. (This, of course, will be discussed with you before a charge is made.)

Please Note: Much as we’d like to, at the moment, unless we work with your full manuscript, we cannot provide a synopsis from the ground up. Please see the full manuscript section for prices and details about this.

Short Stories, Individual Chapters, Essays, etc.

Many novelists begin as short story writers or essayists, not only to hone their craft, but they also know how important those publishing credits are to a resume. And it’s much easier to get a short story or an essay published than an entire novel. That being said, short stories can often be as frustrating as an entire novel. Let us help you find that perfect ending, heighten that theme, inform your readers, and hone each sentence into the best it can possibly be.

We know that sometimes, too, it’s merely an individual chapter or two that’s causing problems for a novel as a whole. If that’s the case, we’re willing to help out with individual chapters, too, helping you create that perfect piece to complete your novel.

For general articles and other, more “technical” types of writing, we’ve got you covered under the main Flawless Documents masthead, so be sure you head that direction for costs on those types of projects.


  • Given the varying lengths of these works, we find it easier to charge a flat fee of $4.00 per page. (Industry standard considers 250 words a page.) Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

The First 50:

Alongside the ever important query and synopsis, most agents will want to see a sample of your novel, anywhere from the first three pages to the first 50. This service is specifically designed to get those first 50 pages popping, so that when an agent sees them, they will be drooling in anticipation for the rest of the novel.

This service is focused on the content of those first pages, ensuring that characters are well on their way to being developed and complex, key plot points established, worlds being effectively built, dialog credible, and that the theme leaks through from page one.


  • $150.00 for a content/developmental edit, with track-change comments, and final report (typically anywhere from two to 10 double-spaced pages, depending on the extent of help needed). Please Note: This does NOT include copy-editing, as it focuses on characters, plot points, etc.

  • If you would like to add copy-editing to The First 50, it is available at a discounted rate of $20.00 per hour, with a $20.00 minimum charge. This will also need to be agreed upon before the critique begins; otherwise, the traditional flat rate of $32.00 per hour will be charged. (For example, you would like The First 50 ($125.00) and it takes four hours to copy-edit ($80.00), your total First 50 charge will be $205.00.)

Full Manuscript Critiques:

Alright, you’ve done the hardest part, you’ve put the first words onto the page and have a full-length novel. Congratulations! But the work doesn’t stop there. Not by a longshot. Now it’s time to take those words and turn them into something amazing. And we’ll help you along the way.

With this critique, we’ll be going over your manuscript line by line:

  • We’ll help with grammar, punctuation, and basic mechanics. (Note: This isn’t necessarily a copy-edit for a final draft--especially as some content will most likely change in the next draft. We’ll simply help point out issues and areas where technical errors or stylistic choices become detrimental to the writing itself.)

  • We’ll not only help identify the weak points of the manuscript, but we’ll also offer suggestions, too, anything from character development to dialog to filling in any plot holes we find.

  • A comprehensive report on the manuscript, which is an average of five to 10 pages, sometimes more. This will depend on where your novel is at when it is brought to us, how much help we’ll be able to give, and the amount of technical errors.

Due to the nature of this service, and the variety of projects people have written, cost will vary based on the cleanliness of the manuscript (grammar and punctuation), the skill of the author, the help we think we can offer, how quickly you need a turnaround/how long it will take before we can get to your manuscript, and--of course--the length. The price will be finalized after you receive your free, first chapter* critique.


  • Starting Fee of $600.00 per manuscript (This is the beginning fee for any project 40,000 words or more. For projects less than 40,000 words, please contact us about cost.)

  • Generally, cost rises at $75.00 per 20,000 words above the initial 40,000. For example, you’ve got a 100,000 word manuscript. You can expect to pay a minimum of $825.00 ($600.00 for the first 40,000, $225.00 for the additional 60,000).

  • The final cost, again, depends on other key factors that will be discussed with you before a price is finalized. Once the price is finalized, please note that we require a 50 percent deposit of the cost before we begin. The rest of the fee will be collected after we deliver the critique.

Also, if we work with your full manuscript on any level--from developmental to copy-editing only, we are willing to create a synopsis for you from the ground up. This will need to be agreed upon before the edits begin; otherwise, an additional fee may apply.

Cost for Synopsis Add-On:

  • $100.00 for a one page synopsis

  • $200.00 for a three page synopsis

  • $250.00 for both

*Or the first 2,500 words (about 10 pages), whichever is shorter.

We're here to make you look good.


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Chris Smith, MFA, Literary Services Director


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