Are you willing to provide a sample critique?


Yes! Again, because this business is so subjective, not only do we want to work with clients that feel like we “get” their work, but it also will give you a solid idea of what we will do--and can do--for your work. Please see our “Services” section for information on receiving a free first chapter* critique.

When will I need to pay?


With the exception of copy-edits only, we require a 50 percent deposit after the price is set. The rest will be due on delivery. To make this even more convenient, we accept PayPal for the literary services.

Why are the costs so varied for the manuscripts--beyond word count?


Everyone is at a different point in their writing. More help might be needed for one client than another. Understandably, the more help a manuscript needs, the longer it will take us to provide a helpful critique. This, of course, will be discussed beforehand, and you’ll have a much better idea of what to expect once we get your sample chapter back to you.

How long will it take for the work to be done?


This all depends on the project. For most of our services, we will return the order within one week or two. If you’re in a rush, we will do our best to accommodate, though a rush service may include an additional charge--agreed upon before work is begun. Of course, as you might expect, manuscripts can take anywhere from one to two months--backlog excluded. Please be aware that, depending on the workload, it may take us some time before we can begin. Again, all of this will be discussed and agreed upon before the work begins. We know how important those deadlines are for you, and we will do everything we can to meet them.

Do you guarantee satisfaction?


When dealing with such subjective material, no one can ever guarantee satisfaction. No matter who reads your work, you will agree with some--maybe even most--of what they say, but there will always be elements that you disagree with. It’s up to you as a writer to decide between the good suggestions and the bad, the ones that will help your vision or hinder it. Again, this is why it is so important for you, as the writer, and we at Flawless Documents to provide the sample chapter. This will not only help you to see if we’re going to be helpful, but it is also a way for us to determine whether or not we can be the best help to you. Rare as the case may be, if we don’t think we can help, we will not take on a client’s work. If you have any questions about this, before or after the sample chapter, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your site says that Chris is in charge of the Literary Services. Does he do all of the work?


We want your work to the best it can possibly be. Sometimes, that means having multiple readers. If we feel another set of eyes will help, we will use them--at no additional charge to you. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

How do I know my work is safe?


Like any agent or publishing house, we are here to simply read the material and help the best way we can. We have the utmost respect for your ideas and work. However, we are willing to provide an agreement that will ensure that your work is protected. Let us know, and we’ll take care of you.

I’m planning on self-publishing. Why would these services help me, if I’m not going the traditional route?


We understand that in today’s world and market, the traditional route is not always the best venue. However, we do know how important a clean, edited manuscript is. And believe us when we say that it’s easy to tell when someone has self-published without additional help. You’ve probably seen some of these manuscripts: typos, plot holes, inconsistencies. The thing is, when we’re too close to our work, we often miss the small errors--and sometimes, even the big ones. Having another party read over your work will help your manuscript to rise above the others and shine.

*Or the first 2,500 words, around 10 pages, whichever is shorter.

We're here to make you look good.


Amy Prindle, executive editor

Chris Smith, MFA, Literary Services Director


Based in the Los Angeles area.

Serving clients across the Nation.

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